Our most popular pain relieving gel. We have used Biofreeze in our practice for more than 10 years. Results are decrease in pain associated with muscular, arthritic and nerve pain.

Price**   (12 tubes)
1 gallon $98.95 -
32 oz $41.65 $35.50
16 oz $32.00 $22.95
4 oz tube $9.90 $8.95
4 oz roll-on $9.95 $9.50

** Prices vary depending on quantity of order. Inquire with sales representative.

Our most widely used lubricant for deep tissue and scar massage.

15 oz $19.95

The most durable and long lasting ice packs one can purchase. Sizes vary from standard (11 x 14), cervical (neck), or oversized (11 x 21).

Standard $18.45
Cervical $19.50
Oversized $29.95

This is what we use in our clinics. Provides the longest lasting heat to affected areas. Must be placed in hot water to use. Sizes vary from standard (10 x 12), cervical (24 inch long), or oversized (15 x 24).

Standard $18.45
Cervical $21.05
Oversized $34.50

For those unable to tolerate pillows, our cervical roll has been popular for all cervical conditions. A favorite among our patients.

Size 12 x 5 $26.80

Contours to our natural curve in our neck allowing for decreased cervical discomfort.

Décor Pillow $21.45

Used to alleviate low back pain/ to perform therapeutic exercises.

Colors: black or gray

Size 10 x 24 $89.80
Size 10 x 36 $101.95
Size 8 x 24 $69.80

Used and tested in our clinics for all low back pain and disorders including common sprains, strains, arthritis and disc disorders. The most durable lumbar support offered with optional custom insert molded to your back.

Belt $26.95
Molded Insert $38.75

Used for all common wrist injuries including sprains, strains and carpal tunnel syndrome. Specify left or right.

Price   (each for 6 items purchased) (12 tubes)
L/R Sized $15.95 $15.45 $14.95

Used to immobilize neck/ cervical region. Many patients find relief from common neck injuries, even disc herniations. One size.

Price: $9.95
Cervical Collar
Cervical Collar Contoured

Used in our clinics for balance, increased postural awareness, stretching and core strengthening. Ask your therapist which ball will work for you.

Blue - 65cm. $89.80
Green - 55cm. $101.95
Yellow - 65cm. $69.80

Used for all hand and upper extremity ailments. Benefits include increased hand range of motion for osteo-rheumatoid arthritis, increased strength and dexterity.

Yellow (Light resistance)  
2 oz $6.25
4 oz $8.25
6 oz $9.95
Green (Intermediate resistance)  
2 oz $6.75
4 oz $8.75
6 oz $9.95
Blue (advanced resistance)  
2 oz $6.75
4 oz $8.75
6 oz $9.95

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